Split 7" w/ Riverboat Gamblers

by the Forum Walters

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released January 13, 2014



all rights reserved


the Forum Walters Vöcklabruck, Austria

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Track Name: Goodbye Freedom, Hello Globalisation
Keys are running hot but we re not able to make conversation so I write a detailed blog about my life in alienation. Everything has to be shared, so you post what you haven't really seen, watching your favourite band through a camera screen.

It's not charme anymore that strikes, so I measure myself by the number of likes.
Everything's observed, there's nothing they can't see! Smile, smile, smile you're on CCTV!

Just because I plead for a world without a boarder does not mean I want a fast food chain on each and every corner, I want to piss on these laws, civil disobedience at its best, living by the rules of peace by our own manifest.

Stand up, shout out blow up these chains and then start with the best intentions all over again!

Open spaces in shopping malls, decorated by blank, grey, naked walls. The sterility takes away my breath in this corporate monster, the grocer's death. In this concrete seas there are a thousand new shops, in these heartless ocean, these brandnew blocks and nobody can move in this invisible prison 'cause everything is observed by cops! Faces scanned, profiles created, habits looked at, infiltrated, voluntarily contributing to the digital stream, fulfilling the advertisers' wet dream.

So I give away my identification, bid freedom farewell and welcome globalisation.
Track Name: End Of The Beginning
Out here in nowhere searching for a reason to believe in something, singing songs and lonely souls are unwilling to listen. Out of luck and freezing this dry town is soaked with sadness, lost and broken down seems I've replaced moral for madness.

You'll never understand the war that rages in my head, endless days and lonely nights have left me worse for wear, but I'm alright.

Want to go anywhere but here but the broadcast towers are silent tonight. Take me away, radio, radio, dead airwaves from falling satellites.

This empy living leaves my soul to save for all hope is lost, say the soulfully condemning, who put all hope in the cross. Now I am not trying to say, I am one opposed to faith, but I refuse to come together just to further separate.

Tuned out by static as I fade and get lost in the mix, the channel's cleared of independent thought and reason to exist. Preampt the revolution as the format's sure to change, good night and good luck to my radio days.

You'll never understand the war that rages in my fucking head. Is this the end?