Split 7" w/ Jaya The Cat

by the Forum Walters

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released August 13, 2013

lyrics written by Philipp Eisl
music written by Philipp Eisl & Matthias Mair-Zeininger
arranged by the Forum Walters
mixed and mastered by Marco Perdacher



all rights reserved


the Forum Walters Vöcklabruck, Austria

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Track Name: Rightswing
It's hard to smile these days since the nights dominates
and the sky slowly stains in threatening brown.
It's hard to see the world in brighter colours,
while the price for the fuel of hate is kept down.

The propaganda machine is smoothly running,
while corruption strengthens the populist's voice,
who declare themselves as national heroes,
as solution of all problems, if there was no other choice.

Your blindness, I don't get it! Your actions, do you regret it?
I take a swing against the rightwing.

It's hard to hear the people's thoughts these days
as they are spitting and gobbing and drowning in greed,
as the blinding slogans take away their breath
and the disease of intolerance spreads in deadly speed.

Has society lost its conscience these days
as the army of mindless is on a steady rise,
accompanied by furious, meaningless parols,
shouted out loud by the devil in disguise.

Your blindness, I don't get it! Your actions, do you regret it?
I take a swing against the rightwing!

And if the day of war comes, I ll be waiting here,
I ll raise my fist and it certainly won't be my right,
I ll be ready, chain rattling, slugger swinging,
this is not '36 anymore, ready to fight.

It will be freedom that I ll be defending,
I know on which side I ll be standing,
let the pen of humanity write an appropriate ending,
I know on which side I ll be standing!

Your blindness, I don't get it. Your actions, you will regret it!
I take a swing against the rightwing!
Track Name: Honour & Fatherland
Instead of preventing catastrophies, creating their own,
politicians order and soldiers moan
under the pressure of incompetent, intolerant instructions,
nerve-threatening strategies and bottomless actions.

Questions over questions are running through my head,
no answers anywhere, just scared faces instead
now I am sitting in the dark round me a bunch more
and I'm sitting without hope, ready to play war.

For honour and for fatherland, haha, such a lie,
for corruption and greed thousands have to die.

How can you fight for peace with a weapon in your hand?
Why an army when there's no enemy for your country to defend.
Why should I fight for something that I don't believe in
and keep dictatorship in a country, known as democracy.

Business is growing, raw material does not last,
the nation voted economy and bombs are dropped so fast,
insatiable, the government is praying for a war,
raise your fist, we don't want a war anymore!