by the Forum Walters

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This record is about the struggle of a live between the city and the countryside as well as about adolescents and growing up.


released July 1, 2012

recorded at Graveyard Studios, Amstetten
mixed by Matthias Müllner at Hostudios, Regau
mastered by Martin Scheer



all rights reserved


the Forum Walters Vöcklabruck, Austria

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Track Name: Lederhosenpunk
Born in the mountains grown up in the sticks
carefree adolescence with no problems to fix
a place where nature was always my home
sitting on summits the peak like a throne

Moved to the city to make my own mistakes
to learn my own lesson what’s real and what’s fake
Inspired by misfits grown up with tradition
from the woods to urban jungle an abrupt transistion

Couldn’t ever fit in, didn’t change for the better, Mani said „Phil, man, we ll be outlaws forever.“

Outlaws forever (hey!)

Now the mountains call me to find my inner peace
and meadows conduct my soul to rest
the city’s heartbeat pumps life through my veins
slowly blurring my thoughts and easing my pain

It may take some time learning not to bother
that is neither fish nor fowl, neither this nor the other
that it’s not the place where you’re coming from
but society to which you won’t ever belong
Track Name: The Good
Farewell dear sun and welcome night
I’m gonna drink and laugh and fight
I’m gonna, well, no, yes, I might
There’s a party at the gates we’ll be alright.

Come on my friend another round (I am up set ready to go)
There’s lot of problems for us to drown (I am up set ready to go)
Dear friend leave all your thoughts at home (I am up set ready to go) Forgetting together, not alone (I am up set ready to go)

Nobody in this country seems to know it better (seems to get it right)
A whole generation living for the friday night (a whole generation living for the friday night)

Time’s up, the world goes south!
I let the good times role!
Is this what it’s all about?
I let the good times role!
Track Name: Robin Hood
If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves!

The scissor is not closing, it is opening wide
society slowly breaks down on its knees
on the way into poverty there is no place to hide
their neverending thirst can't ever be pleased

Robin rob the rich, rip off the royalty
rise out of rusty woods and let it rain for me

Revolution, Revolution, calling for a revolution now
(everything that's not nailed down is changing hands somehow)

Rich take from the poor, not the other way round
That's how it always was, but doesn't have to be
How are you supposed to play fair, when fairness can't be found
break out of your own solitude and show some solidarity
Track Name: Factory Blues
Ticktack ticktack still got no sleep
and the factory roofs are crying for me
Work’s been hard I’ m complaining, I’m burning out, you are gaining.
My rights they are small, you want them to decrease
you try to close down our unions in the name of the state, founders and peace

All I ask for is justice but there ain’t no justice no justice for the little man
Stuck in this corporate machinery
as a mute in this tragic scenery
close your eyes and dream yourself far away but mortgage and bills force you to stay
Worn out trousers and working shoes, I got the factory blues!
Track Name: Punkrock Pirates (feat. Joey Briggs)
Captain, Oh my Captain let the cold wind blow
over sunwarmed concrete and the dusty road,
set the sails, may the breeze lead the direction
and the sun slowly rises, glances in perfection

It's punkrockpirates on the road, scallywags, rock n roll

Reach out for new harbors, reach out for a destination where I belong, reach out for new harbors, reach out for a place that I can call my home

Captain, oh my captain we re so far away from home,
endless hours on the highway tired flesh and bones,
how I miss my baby let the anchors drift away,
to a destination where my heart tells me to stay

Captain, oh my captain it's the journey's end,
we've been out for so long, conquered unknown land,
walked on the wild side and the best thing for me
is to break our chains and be off to the sea
Track Name: The Bad
Girl I am the one to blame, slowly turning mad, the decisions I made, they were bad

Dark rings haven’t left me for days
dark thoughts decorate my ways
life’s such a precious thing to waste but all I ever did was taste, taste, taste,

Sober and drunken nights are fading,
merging into a fucked up dance
the empty dreams are staying
crying after a forsaken chance

I picked up the wrong hand set everything on heart,
the token directly walks to jail without passing start
I had so many things to think about,
took a dozend shots and knocked myself out
Track Name: Two-Sided Coin
Flip a coin, flip a coin as we enter this familiar city
with a surface looking oh so pretty
the controversity included even in its name
notorious for gossip and ten minute fame

Flip a coin, flip a coin in this city I love
with the devil beyond and holy hills above
where the sun sets at the end of a street
and seperates broken dreams and upper class elite

And you told me that the saints redeme you when they’re coming down but are you sure they also visit this part of town?

Welcome to the factory where dreams are made,
where hope is founded and realism gets detained
in this streets of insanity where my mind is perloined
I flip a coin, I flip a coin
Track Name: Emperor's New Clothes
While urgent issues don't bother the nation real life garbage is aired on heavy rotation
you may call it entertainment I call it ideocracy there is a war going on let's watch it on HD
If blood isn't splashing it ain't worth a dime
and if she isn't naked you better stop trying
I don't care 'bout people starving but watch them on TV can't talk, can't hear nor can I see

Watch out for the emperor’s new clothes,
it's time for you to start realizing,
watch out for the emperors new clothes,
he ain't wearing, he ain't wearing, he ain't wearing anything!

Little girls manipulated by lifestyle guides consumption craze unstoppably taking over anorexia, a disease spread through advertised lies the inhibition level is getting lower
Inner beauty or the brand of your jeans
perverted ideas sold as fashion to the the blind
striking attention by all means
peer pressure seducing innocent minds
Track Name: Dead & Gone
Seems like yesterday when Joe's strumming hit me for the first time and Mike's rock'n'roll trenched voice made me lose my mind
Tim's offbeat strokes carried me away, threw me on the ground made my heart beat faster in the second it calmed me down

Hey Bob, I don't want the times to change I don't want to see an end
It's all I ever had, all I understand

I still play my music loud on the stereo,
singing each and every line, wright or wrong
wear my leatherjacket everywhere I go
tell me are these days dead and gone, are they dead and gone?

Didn't expect it to shift for the worst, but the day came tastes may differ and alter, just I am still the same jubilant synthesizer fanfare's predict a change of sound pushing underground music under undergrounds ground

the drumcomputer shovel slowly digs rock'n'rolls grave
tell me when did dangerous music become so safe?
So I desperately wipe a tear in silence from my eye
'cause everybody knows punkrockers aren't supposed to cry
Track Name: One Step, Two Steps
Broken hearts and broken glasses are lying on the floor the dawn is fading in I'm slipping out of the backdoor.

A notorious rack, born to stay alone changing beds and everywhere home but the truth is that I really try to stay just circumstances want it another way

So I am still searching for something that I can't get I am going one step forward and two steps back

After years of innocence the devil bought my soul and I found myself in this thing called rock n roll
so if I may hurt you it's without any intent first I act, then I think, at last I regret

You better learn from your mistakes is what I've been told but I refused to listen since I'm five years old
and it seems that to this very day I am not a fan
I step into a problem just to do it all again
Track Name: Alone
Does it matter in which crew I'm in and who I call my friends?
Would I prefer hard working instead of blindly shaking hands?
Rejected by the rejects since they are going with the flow
where will the road lead someone with nowhere to go?

The scene's a fucking wasteland and I'm standing in the center unwilling to leave and not allowed to enter

All they do is verify, I am standing here and wonder why
and here, poor fool, I stand once more, no wiser than I was before

Insolent and viperish they sham you their respect
and you turn around with a knife sticking in your back Saint Michael slowly raises his protecting hands
while he dooms and curses all the leftover bands

The whole movement turned into a goddamn joke
while the king of rock n roll is sitting backstage doing coke

You throw me up, up, up, I'm spinning round, round, round I'm falling down, down, down until I hit the ground
Track Name: Out Of Control
Mum, please sit down, would you mind taking a seat?
Over the last few months I lost the ground beneath my feet.
But now I see everything from another point of view,
so here is my avowel, my confession to you.

I’ve never been a part of something, drank to comfort myself
Seperated as an outlaw trying to be somebody else
I remember getting drunk for the first time and since ever then the nights keep getting longer, never been sober again.

Cause while booze calmed down my pain‐inked soul it changed from good to the bad to the out of control

I awake after days of drinking, my bloodshed eyes keep me thinking And while my hands start shaking I regret decisions I’ve been making. Hurt too many feelings now this is as good as it gets.
For you I’ll change completely, just coffee and cigarettes.